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Nutritional therapist, Naturopath & Certified GAPS Practitioner
"Beloved, I wish you to prosper in all respects and be in good health, as the state of your soul prospers. "(3 John 1: 2)

Sophie Croiger : A knowledgeable and experienced nutritional therapist, naturopath and certified  GAPS practitioner in metro Paris.

Her services are available in France and overseas.

Meet Sophie Croiger

Nutritional therapist, naturopath & certified GAPS practitioner.

My name is Sophie Croiger. I am a nutritional therapist, naturopath and certified GAPS practitioner.


I hold an advanced certification in Nutritional therapy from the Institute of Natural Medicine and Ethnomedicine (FLMNE) in Paris, an organization created in 1987 by Dr. Jean-Pierre Willem.


There, I had the good fortune to train with some of the most accomplished and renowned instructors such as Dr. Ludovic Rondini, Dr. Gilles Mondolini, Dr. Michel Vinogradoff and talented dietician Brigitte Mercier-Fichaux.

I am also a certified GAPS practitioner and trained under Dr.Natasha Campbell Mc-Bride herself.


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Nutritional Therapy ?

Nutritional therapy plays a vital role in the well-being of everyone: Newborns, pregnant women, children, adolescents and the elderly. 


What is nutritional therapy ?


It is the specialized field of study of the human body’s biological processes, such as biochemistry, genetics, and immunology and the effects of nutritional deficiencies or excesses on health.

Why Nutritional Therapy ?

It can help with

digestion nutrithérapie sophie croiger boulogne billancourt

Manage food intolerances, reduce digestive disorders...


Promote improved energy and sleep...


Reduce the overall toxic load, regenerate bowel health. (Intestines are a major source of toxicity), support excretory systems...

santé de la femme nutrithérapie sophie croiger boulogne billancourt
Women's health

Nutritional therapy for women's health, management of PMS, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, menopause and pre-menopause, guidance prior to conception, during pregnancy and post-pregnancy ...


Nutritional support for weight loss and to keep the weight off sustainably.


Stress management...

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