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Nutritional therapy plays a vital role in the lives of all : Newborns, teenagers, pregnant women and the elderly.


What is Nutritional therapy?


It is a specialized field of study that focuses on the biological processes of the human body such as biochemistry, genetics and immunology and the impacts of nutritional deficiencies or excesses on our health.



of nutritional therapy

To achieve peak health, by promoting, stimulating or restoring physiological functions.

Its stated objective is to provide the body with all needed nutrients to function optimally, at all stages of life, at all ages and under any circumstance. 


nutritional therapy ?

Nutritional therapy recommendations are great for anyone looking to improve their health. 

It is intended for those seeking to enhance their well-being and energy levels, or anyone looking to use nutritional therapy as a set of prophylactic measures since preventing problems before they happen is so important.


Activities around three essential aspects: 

1) Dietary recommendations

2) Dietary supplement recommendations (as needed) 

3) Healthy living tips 


How is a personal remote nutritional therapy session conducted ?  

I work remotely with people in France and overseas (phone, skype, whatsApp and email follow-up).


The first session lasts 2 hours (initial contact & medical history)

I’ll collect background information on health, lifestyle, eating habits, environment, as well as psychological and emotional conditioning.

I’ll use this information to get to know you better and provide the best possible care.

Based on this information, I’ll send you a nutritional therapy program tailored to your needs, issues and food sensitivities. You should receive this program within about 3 days.

Generally, the program focuses on food and supplements but can also contain recommendations for healthy living, phytotherapy and aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, stress management and gluten-free recipes.


The second session and follow-up :

These are absolutely critical for a number of reasons.

- To review events of prior months and discuss possible challenges.

- To review changes and improvements.

- To support, encourage and assist you in your dietary rebalancing efforts.

- To answer questions you might have.

- To fine-tune your profile, make readjustments and provide additional advice. 




Sophie Croiger alimentation sans gluten

- Sleep improvement management

- Stress management support

- Women's health nutritional therapy (life improvements through pre-menopause, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis) 

- Nutritional therapy support for pre-conception, pregnancy and post-pregnancy (working with you before, during and after pregnancy)

- Nutritional therapy for Children and Adolescents 

- GAPS Consultations (see GAPS tab) 

Nutricosmetics (skin, nails and hair improvements)

- Dietary rebalancing/re-education

- Gluten and casein-free diets

- Managing food sensitivities and intolerances

- Managing digestive disorders

- Nutritional support for thyroid disorders

- Immuno-Nutrition

- Chrononutrition

- Weight loss nutritional support and how to keep weight off sustainably

- Support for more energy


Important notice :

"Nutritional therapy should never serve as a substitute for medical intervention. You should never alter or discontinue any medical treatment without speaking with your physician first. Nutritional therapy always works in collaboration with allopathic medicine. It involves no medication or diagnosis, which are dispensed by physicians".

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